VUGauge ActiveX Control

VUGauge ActiveX Control 2

Visual gauge to measure high and low of elements

The VUGauge ActiveX Control software program is an application that shows you an image of a gauge. What it does is present high and low values with a use of a needle.

The VUGauge ActiveX Control uses Visual Basic +++ 6. 0 to make this happen. The indicator presents a high and low alarm range so that the user can have an idea regarding what range a test currently has.

The VUGauge ActiveX Control has an easy to understand graphic to make it simple for anyone to understand. The color changes every time a new value comes out on the visual gauge.

The program can be used to measure many elements with a use of an exterior device. The results can be used to present percentage changes of the element or density of an object that you are trying to measure.